Satisfied yet? You better not!

“I am complete. I am fine the way I am. There’s nothing I need more. There’s nothing I wanna do more. Accept me for exactly who I am.”

Harmful sentiments. Harmful, indeed!

For it is the death of effort- the effort to always evolve, to always improve, and the death of ambition. There’s always scope of improvement. No one attains it all.

So to have sentiments that claim to not worry and change nothing is detrimental to the thought of evolution as a process. You do disservice by acknowledging that you are some finished work and that there’s nothing more to do.

Till you are breathing, you ought to be fighting, grinding, pumping, jumping, dreaming, steaming, gleaming and working your ass off.

Like one of my favorite mobile phone brand puts it- “Never Settle.” Because if you do, you become like the settled dirt at the bottom of the pond. Unassuming, without meaning, unimportant.

The Unwilling Bride

When life’s been good, we all just swerve by,

But since that’s not really the reality, people learn to just live or at least they try!

He’s hurt, she’s broken, they both deal with their shit,

One claims to have moved on, the other holding on just by their grit!

He wants to give himself, holding a candle day and night,

But she’s mangled in ways that make her a tad uptight!

“Nothing wrong with talking all the time”, is something that they want,

But then “I am scared of marriage, so let’s take this slow” is the thought that haunts!

It’s the unfruitful efforts of the past that make her this way,

That’s why “I love you” is not something that she can now say!

He waits and waits, but the time is cruel,

How much more should the ‘wait’ wait for a hopeless fool.

Talk of hours have become formalities of minutes,

“It happens with everyone and that’s what’s happening to us”

But if they say that love is so strong and powerful,

then how come has it left us all doubtful!

It’s true, it is a bitch, hurts like hell, ain’t gonna hide,

Here’s to you darling, my unwilling bride!

Furniture Renting: Busting The Myths!


Home, Ghar, Mane, Casa, Zuhause- call it whatever you may like. But a home is not a home if it does not have a soul to it.While many might argue about the different facets that contribute hugely to the “soulfulness” of a home, perhaps Home Furnishing and Decor is the Alpha of them all. Why? Without proper, decor and furnishing, a home is just an empty concrete/wooden space which might as well be converted to a sweat shop.

Furnishing domain has paved ways for innovations that can contribute to the overall modelling of a house. People can either buy furniture and decor items, or simply rent them. Traditional approaches involved people buying furniture to convert their house into a HOME. But contemporary approaches show a change in the demographic trends with respect to furniture approach. People have now started to believe in the all-new-and-disruptive method of RENTING furniture. Yes, you heard it right. Disruptive. Why you ask? Because furniture rental is now disrupting the age-old buying mentality with something which is quicker, convenient and more dynamic than ever.

Here are the top myths that need to be busted, like, RIGHT NOW!!


  1. Renting is BORING: It really is not. HOW DARE YOU THINK LIKE THAT, HUH? *kidding*. Remember the time when Ford Motors rolled over all across the world, and not just the entire United States back in the 70’s and 80’s? Now is the time of Electric Cars- highly efficient and disruptive in nature as proven by Tesla Motors.     To be clear, furniture rental is actually the ‘New Kid on the Block’. Very fresh in approach, it oozes convenience and  comfort, with services provided to your doorstep with minimalist effort on your part.
  2. Renting is for POOR: Again, it’s not. Renting is actually for the millennial generation of today, who do not conform to the set ways  of society and are always on the move to figure new things out on a microsecond-level. That has got nothing to do with income and financial status, but more about the kind of lifestyle one aspires for.
  3. Buying is Better: For some people, this statement might hold true. It really is all about the taste.  Such is the case of Furniture Renting. Some people might actually plan to stay with ‘buying-it-all’ scheme, but furniture rental actually is driving economies like Indian Economy in a major way. Yes, owning sometimes seems cool. But it starts to become less cool when you regret your choice and then can’t get rid of it. It is as my friend says,”God giving you the stick”. So, to cut it short, owning an item only makes sense when you are clear with the thought process and are fully in love with your choice. If not, it is always better to rent it. That way, you can change it whenever you like and even discontinue the service when necessary.
  4. Renting is UNHYGIENIC: Furniture rental is not. Maybe your rented tuxedo might seem itchy and sticky of sorts, but furniture rental is not that way. The furniture delivered is generally of high quality, and is engineered with industry standards in mind. Also, disinfectants and chemicals are used all through the designing-to-delivery process. So all in all, you get a germ free and purely hygienic product delivered at your feet. *You can ask the germophobe inside you to calm down*
  5. Rented Furniture has POOR QUALITY: If the end product would have been of poor quality, then setting it up in the first place would be baseless. So rental companies understand very clearly that customer retention is of prime importance. And to make sure the customers cling onto them, the furniture quality is great. Companies like Furlenco make sure the furniture is of PREMIUM quality and is as classy as the user desires. At the end of the day, it is all about satisfying your desires, isn’t it?
  6. Renting is EXPENSIVE: Furniture that is bought will always get old, and one day, lose its value. Such a thing is even more expensive for the owner, as the item can neither be sold off at premium value nor can be kept. Hence, renting always makes sense, especially when it comes to the furniture segment.
  7. Only for SINGLES: Recent trends, especially in the metropolitan India, show that not only singles, but people residing with families and friends are more interested to rent their choices. Furniture is a luxury that satisfies everyone, not just single men and women. That means mothers, fathers, grandparents, roommates, flatmates, studio people, bachelor-pad-enthusiasts.. all rent on a daily basis.
  8. An INESCAPABLE Scheme: Some people believe renting is just a fad. They thing by renting, they might spin a web for themselves that they will not be able to get out of. Fret not, for renting business is not a labyrinth, but more of a friendly network. it gives you the freedom to choose, and then leave as and when deemed necessary. Unlike buying where you are actually stuck with something that seems undesirable over a period of time, renting paves a way for you to escape such a scenario.

So, here you go guys. Hope your myth bubble is busted now.

As always, Happy Renting! 🙂

Conferred with the Liebster Award!

It is an absolute delight to hear the very news of me conferred with the prestigious Liebster Award! I am extremely honoured to accept this award from the very talented Lorrie Bowden | BLESSITUDE. I hope we keep enjoying this special connection of ours. Thanks once again!


The Liebster Award

Thanks again for nominating me. Let us keep the posts flowing, and the moments spreading. Cheerio 🙂

The basic rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:

1.  Thank the blogger who gives it to you.

2.  Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.

3.  Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.

4.  Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions.

5.  Let these eleven bloggers know that they have been nominated.

Now these are the following questions that were required of me to be answered. Here goes:

Q.1. Did/do you play a sport?  If not, what sport would you have liked to play?

Ans. Yes, I am very much a sports aficionado. I was regularly involved in Football (or Soccer in the US) and Cricket. Sports have always been an integral part of my growth.

Q.2. Were you nominated for a superlative in your high school yearbook?  If not which one would you give yourself?

Ans. Thankfully, YES, I was nominated for the superlative of “Mr. All-Rounder” in High School. Fond memories. Blessing to my Alma Mater.

Q.3. Name one place in the world you have always wanted to go to.  Did you…or will you?

Ans. Well, I have always wanted to go to Manchester, UK. I am a die hard fan of the Football Club Manchester United since I was a child, and have always wanted to go there once. I sure as hell have planned to go there in the future!

Q.4. What grade was your favorite teacher…and why?

Ans. I met my favorite teacher in 9th Grade. He taught me Mathematics. Well, I am an Engineer and was led towards the non-medical stream because of him. He guided and molded in ways that I cannot stop thanking him even now. Dearly changed my personality. I owe him a lot.

Q.5. Do you dance at weddings?

Ans. I generally prefer not to, but if the bride or the groom are extremely insistent, then I sure as hell let my Mick Jagger step out of the zone. Juts kidding, but I do enjoy dancing that ways!

Q.6. What was your first job and how old were you?

Ans. Hmm.. My first job was that of a SEO Content Writer. In fact, that is my ongoing  job as such. I am 22 years old (or maybe not) 😉

Q.7. Do you drive over the speed limit?  How many MPH over?

Ans. Only when it is completely safe, and of course, when I am on the highway. Sorry, but the vast expanse of the highway, the scenic beauty and my car as such just gives me those moments to rev up the engine and push myself through the wind.

Q.8. Ocean or mountains?

Ans. To be honest, I am fond of the oceans, but I would rather prefer mountains. I am myself a resident of Shimla, a majestic hill station once ruled by the British, in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. I have lived here all my life, and I am automatically attracted to it. Plus, I am also kind of a hydrophobic, so, I prefer mountains.

Q.9. Do you sing at the top of your lungs when nobody is listening?  How about if they are?

Ans. I do not sing at the top of my lungs, but if politely asked to, then cover your ears. It may get LOUD… But I am into music, and occasionally will sing to myself or to a group of my buddies hanging out.

Q.10. Name another talent you have besides writing.

Ans. I do not boast about myself; I always believe in being modest and self-absorbed. But I would say, I do play Football (or Soccer) pretty good. Was shortlisted in the Inter-University team, but had to abort the idea. Plus, I can play guitar.

Q.11. Milk/dark/or white chocolate?

Ans. YES TO ALL… 😉 I am good with almost everything. 🙂 I do not choose that much among foods and beverages.

Now comes the nominations for the Academy Awards… umm.. sorry, The Liebster Award. *My bad* I am nominating the following blogs for the award because I believe that they do write pretty well, and I connect to their posts. Their talent is reflected in their words. So thanks for being so talented and part of my connections. Following are the blogs:


Following questions are being set forth for you to answer for the nomination process. Feel free to answer them in any way you like. I shall be looking forward to your responses.

Q.1. To you, blogging is ____________________?

Q.2. If you were a billionaire, the first you would do would be?

Q.3. Your favorite Network Shows or Sitcom, if any. Or one that you would wanna watch.

Q.4. What does freedom mean to you?

Q.5. What is that One thing you almost cannot live without during the day?

Q.6. Friends or Family?

Q.7. Are you an Evolutionary or a Creationist?

Q.8. Name one place where you could spend all your life

Q.9. Which sports team do you share your interests with?

Q.10. One memory from childhood that makes you go laughing like mad men.

Q.11. What is the best bodily feature you possess?


Thanks again. Cheers. 🙂

We are Young!

This here is one of the many songs that has real soul and sensible lyrics. I connect to the song a lot just like all the other songs of this infamous band, and I hope that by my sharing these lyrics here, you will too. Explains the predicament of people who were just born in the wrong world at the wrong time! *Feel free to cast your vote for the poll at the bottom of the post so as to let everyone know that you are not the only one!* polls_whodat_hollywood_undead_1331_766968_poll_xlarge Band- Hollywood Undead Song- Young —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- We are young!
But we have heart
Born in this world as it all falls apart
We are strong
But we don’t belong
Born in this world as it all falls apart

I see the children in the rain like the parade before the pain.
I see the love; I see the hate; I see this world that we can make!
I see the life I see the sky. Give it all to see you fly…
Yes, we wave this flag of hatred, but you’re the ones who made it!
Watch the beauty of all our lies passing right before my eyes.
I hear the hate in all your words all the wars to make us hurt
We get so sick, we’re so sick; we never wanted all this
Medication for the kids with no reason to live!

So we
March to the drums of the damned as we come
Watch it burn in the sun – we are numb!

We are young!
But we have heart
Born in this world as it all falls apart
We are strong
But we don’t belong
Born in this world as it all falls apart

As we walk among these shadows, in these streets, these fields of battle
Take it up, we wear the medal, raise your hands with burning candles.
Hear us whisper in the dark, in the rain you see the spark
Feel the beating of our hearts fleeting hope as we depart
All together, walk alone against all we’ve ever known
All we’ve ever really wanted was a place to call our home
But you take all we are; the innocence of our hearts.
Made to kneel before the altar as you tear us apart!

So we
March to the drums of the damned as we come
Watch it burn in the sun – we are numb!

We are young!
But we have heart
Born in this world as it all falls apart
We are strong
But we don’t belong
Born in this world as it all falls apart! cb9f019acda33cc54316c7c79ab719db—————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Youtube Link to the Official Music Video-

For Every Man Is Born Free


    “Yes, I am a person. Yes, I wanna be free. Yes, I wanna explore all that this World has to offer me.”

                 It’s quiet strange that I am in such a state of mind right now. What’s even more baffling is that I am writing not about some relationship gone wrong, some deal gone sour in my life, or some expectations unfulfilled by anyone. Its juts a mere recollection of all my emotions to convey that YES, I want to be free. I chose this topic because just like me, a lot of people in this God forsaken World must have/are feeling the same way. Its quiet natural to feel the way we are feeling right now, for every person was born free, and is entitled to live that way his/her whole life. I chose to express myself like this because there comes a time when you really start to dig deep into your soul, your consciousness and start to ask yourself the most important question of your life- WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO IN LIFE?? Well my answer was quiet an obvious one, as depicted in my title for this post. I just want to be free. Free as a Stallion, to roam the grasslands of this World. I want to visit places that I have read about in my books. I want to eat food that I have seen on TV Shows. I want to click pictures of monuments that I have always admired. I want to be a traveler, a photographer, a novelist, a globe-trotter, a nature enthusiast. I want to see all the religions of the World, up close. I want to feel them, connect with them. BUT EVERYTHING ON MY OWN TERMS! Yup that’s my condition in life.
         I say my answer is an obvious one, owing to the fact that I belong to quiet a conservative family. More so, I belong to a conservative culture. I belong to a World where to aspire for your freedom, to aspire for that peaceful slice of mind, you have to rebel against the falsified claims of the society. You have to break the shackles that are commonly known as etiquettes and mannerism of our world. I hate them. Simply because they make no sense to me. They don’t. I believe that whatever you do in life, is a sign of your appreciation for the said thing. You should do what you appreciate is worth doing. One should not be forced to do anything against their will. Sadly so, 90% people end up doing them. Why? Because you are weak, your folks don’t approve of you being a rebel in your own accord, and your society values you only when you comply. “Comply” is such a negative word for me. It suggests dominating force, against your liking. One should comply only when your heart, mind and soul feel at ease with that condition. E.g. I comply to a healthy diet regime. Why? Because ultimately, it benefits me in the long run. My mind, body, heart and soul are all equally happy doing it. It’s just one example of complying with the right things. Comply with positivity, that’s a good way to start. Comply with non-ritualistic adhering. Go out of the way; think out of the box, live life on your own terms. No one wants to be caged. You keep your pet chained up, or caged up, it will eventually get bored of you, or worse, agitated. And one fine day, will snap back at you. And trust me, that’s not a good thing to face. You keep it in the open, it will play with you, lick you, and run around you with utter fondness. No one likes to be caged or chained. We all are born for a reason, and somehow I feel that even though a person might be a billionaire, he will still be away from the real luxury of life- CONTENTMENT and HAPPINESS. These are the two real luxuries that one attains only after searching deep inside. You surely can buy a fancy house, but it becomes a home only when your heart starts loving it, living it.


           I write all this because of something that happened a while back. A neighbor kid walked up to me and asked me to play a game of Table Tennis with him. As I was just sitting and doing nothing, I thought I might as well play (see, I am an Engineer, and my bed is my Heavenly Abode). We went and knocked some balls here and there for a while (I am being modest here; we had a crazy match. I am quite competitive in that aspect). Suddenly just after around 20 minutes of playing, my cellphone rang. And when I answered it, it was the kid’s mother on the other side, yelling at the top of her voice. When I asked her what went so wrong, she ordered me with full authority to ask her son to come back ASAP to the house, for he’ll suffer with the consequences of getting beaten up by his dad. I told the kid what I was informed, and I just could not understand the next thing that I saw. The kid was trembling with utter fear. I could see his eyes twitching with horror, as he probably imagined the scenario of him getting beaten up. I felt sorry for the kid, and massively furious. Sad because of the condition that he was slipping in MENTALLY, and furious because of the fact that even a tiniest of the things can hamper a kid’s happiness. I mean, was it really worth it, on the parent’s part? What did they achieve? Seriously, your kid plays for only 20 minutes, and you start threatening him, given the condition that the kid is quiet studious in his studies. I mean, a topper. And just once in a whole week, he asks me to play with him, and he ends up getting terrified to the core? Not fair. Really not fair. Where did the essence of happiness go? Is it so farfetched? Can’t a kid be just himself for even 1 day? But just like everytime else, the kid agreed and ran off. I just wonder, that this is exactly the kind of reaction that probably turns a kid into a rebel, when he start to negate everything that is put up to him. He starts hating stuff, really loses patience, doesn’t appreciate what you do for him. And somehow, I can’t blame such kids. I get it. We are an intelligent race of stupidity. To the brim!!
             I don’t know how you might think about what all I just told you. You might say, “Aah, it’s just a small thing. Get over yourself. Nothing that big a deal”. Well, for me it is. For that kid, it is. For every kid who wants to be himself/herself, it is. No one has the right to play with our happiness. Freedom has no boundaries, no age limit, no gender, no colour. For some, a set of values, beliefs, and ideologies is what is meant by a good life. For me, a good life is the one where you can take everything in your stride, as it comes. Now I am not saying set of values is bad. M also not saying having beliefs is wrong. But forcing those beliefs onto others is. Why do you feel the need to shove something down someone’s throat? That’s just cruel. A person should be allowed to live in his own “bubble”, if you will. Everyone is entitled to discover things on their own, live life on their own terms. Fundamentalism, social stigmas, insane practices, crude living is nothing but blockers of energy. They will never let a person grow. I mean, when was the last time you thought about yourself? When was the last time you thought about visiting places, eating whatever you like, meeting new people? We are so engulfed in this mad race of superiority that we don’t have time to be free, time to be ourselves. Our watches control us, our job constraints us, our society diminishes us. And ultimately, our life ends. What did we achieve? What was the goal in the first place? Did you ever achieve freedom, salvation in your life? Can you say, YES I HAVE LIVED MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT THE WORLD THREW AT ME? If YES, I believe you have fulfilled your life’s purpose. If NO, then it’s time to think. WHAT ARE YOU REALLY LIVING FOR?  

|->> The Dilemma of Reconnecting Your Soul <<-|


December 28, 2013. Today I was struck with a situation that kept me pondering for hours, as the night sky turned from pitch black to lighter shades of red. I lay in my bed thinking of what the word LIFE represents to everyone. More so, what does LIFE represent to me? Upon pondering I came up with a brilliant fabricated answer to my own fabricated self– Life is where you find HAPPINESS. Anything that nurtures into happiness if LIFE for me.

Well, this idea of mine might seem really diplomatic to some, since I mentioned earlier that I came up with a fabricated answer to myself. But trust me, that’s how I am. I am a person of a complex insight and consciousness inside of me, which plays tricks and gimmicks with myself all the time! Ever since I was a kid, even the simplest of the things would baffle me, making me come up with horrendous scenarios in life for myself. E.g. if I’m on a boat, I would think more about drowning due to different reasons than just enjoy the friggin’ ride over the vast expanse of the sea (a result of a childhood mentality developed by my “pandit” that I shall meet my end by drowning!! Although I do laugh about it now pretty hard). This statement is evidently proven by the fact that some days back, I was having a chat with my friend when she suddenly brought up the topic of the cruise ship Titanic being reopened and setting sail once again in 2016. While I myself did enjoy the prospects of enjoying the ride on the very infamous cruise for a brief moment in my head, the feeling was, however, met with immediate jitters of drowning painfully! After all, James Cameron did a pretty great job drowning the male protagonist in the movie.

But what I am actually trying to say is that my personality is not that of a pessimist, but rather that of someone who likes to be practical in all aspects of my life- short or long whatever it may be. I am someone who will enjoy the prospects of roaming in the Borneon rainforests with their vast beauty and rich wildlife. But at the same time, I would also like to think of the possibility that I might be the main item on that wildlife’s menu that night!

soul plan title

Now coming to the topic of this article: The Dilemma of Reconnecting Your Soul. I chose this title because of what I am about to elaborate, and also mainly due to my personal traits playing their part, with my consciousness acting as their leader! I was up chatting with my friend on the phone when she presented me with another titillating story from her life. An acquaintance of her, a girl, got married to a guy whom she dearly loved (all in all, a nice romantic thing). However, tragedy befalls those who least expect it. The girl’s husband died due to drowning (ironic because the guy was in the Indian Air Force and was a very good swimmer, as I am told). She was completely devastated, and broke down. For months, even years, she couldn’t be normal again. I mean, how could she? She just lost the love of her life, that too when her married life had just started to blossom. It was not a fling, it was not some childish prank, and it was not a fantasy. It was real. She had loved a guy, the guy had loved her. It was about the connection of the souls- their souls. They both ended up marrying each other, bonding themselves into an eternal circle of the spirits. What more can a truly committed couple want? They had everything, but time. Now that he was gone, she was alone. Very alone. Everyone got worried for her, even the guy’s family. They just couldn’t see her break down day after day. All this while, the only mental and emotional support that she had was that of one of the late husband’s closest pals, who also was in the Air Force. He knew that the girl was deeply devastated, and he lend her a shoulder. She held him, tried calming herself down from the storm of disbelief that was raging inside her head. He kept on giving that girl the support that she wanted. It took her almost 2 years to get back to normal, to find even a single morsel of happiness in her life again. When finally she did, the late husband’s friend asked her out (asked her to marry him). Baffled to the limits, she just couldn’t figure out what to do or say. After all, it was a matter of Reconnecting Your Soul with someone else, other than the love of her life. Everyone from her family persuaded her to go and move on in life, and try to find happiness by starting a new chapter with a new mate. And finally, that is what she did.

Now after I listened to the story, I truly was in a dilemma. Please note that I AM NOT JUDGING THE GIRL HERE AT ALL. I AM NOT. NO GENDER-BIAS WHATSOEVER. NOR AM I HERE TO ASSERT MY DOMINANCE AND EGO ON THE MATTER. On one hand, I was really happy for the girl that she managed to find happiness in someone else. Everyone is entitled to.  BELIEVE ME, I AM A STAUNCH FEMINIST, which means that I am pro-women most of the time, and anti-men when there’s a need to. However, on the other hand, I found it quite sad. Sad in the way that it all had to come down to this.  Being a practical man, I kept myself in the situation and thought, “Is it possible to reconnect your soul to someone else? Is it ok to let that SPECIAL PLACE in your life be substituted by someone else, however great they maybe? If I were to engage in this situation, what would I do?” After questioning myself, all I could think of was the fact that no, it’s just IMPOSSIBLE for me to share that place with someone, even if the person was the best one for me. This stems from the fact that my consciousness could never allow me to replace the memories of my soul mate with someone else. I would rather be alone all my life, be strong, support myself, my family, my soul mate’s family, and everyone else attached. I would always like to create those memories again and again with everyone, to make sure that my soul mate is in all true senses, my soul mate FOR ETERNITY. I know I sound way too cheezy right now, but that’s the kind of thing I would like to do, if ever even in my wildest of the dreams such a thing had to happen.

And for these very reasons, this dilemma of reconnecting your soul seems overwhelming. I really don’t know if I think correctly, or if I should even think about it in the first place. I also don’t know if this is the right way to reconnect. Nor do I intend to convey that one shouldn’t try to find happiness in something else, or someone else for that matter. I just wanna end up by quoting something that I always follow in my life-“Don’t be sad that it’s over; just be glad that it was once a part of your life!”