Conferred with the Liebster Award!

It is an absolute delight to hear the very news of me conferred with the prestigious Liebster Award! I am extremely honoured to accept this award from the very talented Lorrie Bowden | BLESSITUDE. I hope we keep enjoying this special connection of ours. Thanks once again!


The Liebster Award

Thanks again for nominating me. Let us keep the posts flowing, and the moments spreading. Cheerio 🙂

The basic rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:

1.  Thank the blogger who gives it to you.

2.  Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.

3.  Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.

4.  Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions.

5.  Let these eleven bloggers know that they have been nominated.

Now these are the following questions that were required of me to be answered. Here goes:

Q.1. Did/do you play a sport?  If not, what sport would you have liked to play?

Ans. Yes, I am very much a sports aficionado. I was regularly involved in Football (or Soccer in the US) and Cricket. Sports have always been an integral part of my growth.

Q.2. Were you nominated for a superlative in your high school yearbook?  If not which one would you give yourself?

Ans. Thankfully, YES, I was nominated for the superlative of “Mr. All-Rounder” in High School. Fond memories. Blessing to my Alma Mater.

Q.3. Name one place in the world you have always wanted to go to.  Did you…or will you?

Ans. Well, I have always wanted to go to Manchester, UK. I am a die hard fan of the Football Club Manchester United since I was a child, and have always wanted to go there once. I sure as hell have planned to go there in the future!

Q.4. What grade was your favorite teacher…and why?

Ans. I met my favorite teacher in 9th Grade. He taught me Mathematics. Well, I am an Engineer and was led towards the non-medical stream because of him. He guided and molded in ways that I cannot stop thanking him even now. Dearly changed my personality. I owe him a lot.

Q.5. Do you dance at weddings?

Ans. I generally prefer not to, but if the bride or the groom are extremely insistent, then I sure as hell let my Mick Jagger step out of the zone. Juts kidding, but I do enjoy dancing that ways!

Q.6. What was your first job and how old were you?

Ans. Hmm.. My first job was that of a SEO Content Writer. In fact, that is my ongoing  job as such. I am 22 years old (or maybe not) 😉

Q.7. Do you drive over the speed limit?  How many MPH over?

Ans. Only when it is completely safe, and of course, when I am on the highway. Sorry, but the vast expanse of the highway, the scenic beauty and my car as such just gives me those moments to rev up the engine and push myself through the wind.

Q.8. Ocean or mountains?

Ans. To be honest, I am fond of the oceans, but I would rather prefer mountains. I am myself a resident of Shimla, a majestic hill station once ruled by the British, in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. I have lived here all my life, and I am automatically attracted to it. Plus, I am also kind of a hydrophobic, so, I prefer mountains.

Q.9. Do you sing at the top of your lungs when nobody is listening?  How about if they are?

Ans. I do not sing at the top of my lungs, but if politely asked to, then cover your ears. It may get LOUD… But I am into music, and occasionally will sing to myself or to a group of my buddies hanging out.

Q.10. Name another talent you have besides writing.

Ans. I do not boast about myself; I always believe in being modest and self-absorbed. But I would say, I do play Football (or Soccer) pretty good. Was shortlisted in the Inter-University team, but had to abort the idea. Plus, I can play guitar.

Q.11. Milk/dark/or white chocolate?

Ans. YES TO ALL… 😉 I am good with almost everything. 🙂 I do not choose that much among foods and beverages.

Now comes the nominations for the Academy Awards… umm.. sorry, The Liebster Award. *My bad* I am nominating the following blogs for the award because I believe that they do write pretty well, and I connect to their posts. Their talent is reflected in their words. So thanks for being so talented and part of my connections. Following are the blogs:


Following questions are being set forth for you to answer for the nomination process. Feel free to answer them in any way you like. I shall be looking forward to your responses.

Q.1. To you, blogging is ____________________?

Q.2. If you were a billionaire, the first you would do would be?

Q.3. Your favorite Network Shows or Sitcom, if any. Or one that you would wanna watch.

Q.4. What does freedom mean to you?

Q.5. What is that One thing you almost cannot live without during the day?

Q.6. Friends or Family?

Q.7. Are you an Evolutionary or a Creationist?

Q.8. Name one place where you could spend all your life

Q.9. Which sports team do you share your interests with?

Q.10. One memory from childhood that makes you go laughing like mad men.

Q.11. What is the best bodily feature you possess?


Thanks again. Cheers. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Conferred with the Liebster Award!

  1. Hi Digvijay! Bravo! I loved your post accepting the Leibster Award!! :D. For sure we will always be connected…blog buddies…fellow Liebsters! Keep creating…keep singing…dancing…and eating chocolate!! Blessitude

  2. Congratulations! And keep up with the great work. Thank you for nominating my blog for the award too, was a real surprise! 🙂

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